Education process

1. Registration

If you have not yet done this, you will need to register once with your personal data in our online portal. The data is used, among other things, to generate your personal confirmation messages as a participant and to report the training points you have acquired to the German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer). Your data is of course subject to data protection. 

2. Booking courses

Please log in to our portal with your personal access data. A booking for each presentation you want to attend is needed in order to participate in the free training courses. Bookings can also be made at short notice before and even during a session that is currently in progress. For hospital access, please only book one event per hospital per appointment, even if there are several participants wanting to attend the presentation. All of the participants will nevertheless be able to carry out certification via their own access data and will receive their points.

After successful booking of an event, you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail with a personal dial-in link. The e-mail will be sent to you again immediately before the event automatically. Please make sure that the e-mail does not land in your spam folder. The attachment in the confirmation e-mail contains an ICS file that you can easily use to enter the appointment into your electronic calendar. An overview of the courses you have booked is also available under the heading “MY SPINE TO GO”. 

3. Before the conference

To take part in the various presentations, it is necessary to dial into an online web conference on the day of the event and to set up a phone conference (with landline phone rates) or connect via computer speakers and computer microphone (VoIP). 

The technical requirements are minimal. The user-friendly procedure for dialing in to the online web conferencing program can be completed on a computer, laptop, iPad, or Android system. Internet access is required.

Before the conference, we would recommend carrying out a short system test to ensure that the online conference program will work smoothly for you. You can carry out this test conference at any time. Please note that the security settings on your PC or firewall must enable you to download and run the software. 

4. On the day of the conference 

On the day of the event, the system is activated approximately 30 minutes before the start of the conference.

Please click on the personal dial-in link you received by e-mail, or on the button “Visit course” under the heading “MY SPINE TO GO -> Your booked courses”. You will then be connected automatically. Illustrated instructions are available under the heading “PROCEDURE AND PRACTICAL TIPS -> Tutorials“. 

After dialing in, you will be taken to an online “waiting room” until the conference starts automatically.

 If you have any questions or would like to take part in the discussion at the end, please indicate this by making an appropriate hand signal in the online conference program. The microphone will then be switched to you after an appropriate announcement and you can ask your question. Alternatively, there is also an opportunity to ask questions in writing via a chat window. 

5. After the conference 

At the beginning and end of each conference, we will provide you with a further training course password. Please make a note of both passwords. Remember to dial in early enough to receive your first password! The two passwords will enable you to receive your personal participation certificate afterwards. For physicians in Germany, the training points acquired are also transferred automatically to the German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer). These will appear on your personal points account at the Medical Association after approximately 8 weeks. 

For certification, please go to the heading “MY SPINE TO GO -> Certify further education course” in your personal area. 

6. Recommendation for transmission to “in-hospital advanced training”

For transmissions to a hospital, it is sufficient for only one colleague from the local team to book the event, even if several participants want to take part in the presentation concerned. Subsequently, each participant can log in with their personal data and receive their personal participation certificates using the training course password, regardless of whether they themselves booked the event concerned. 

To allow as many participants as possible to follow the training course in the hospital, we would recommend linking to a computer that has a digital projector connection. This makes it possible to project the lectures onto a wall. Ideally, dialing in to the phone conference should be done via a conference phone so that as many participants as possible from the in-hospital training event can take part in the discussion after the presentation. 

It is also of course sufficient to open the presentation on a normal computer and switch the normal phone on site to “speaker.” Another option is just to connect a loudspeaker to the computer. 

To take part in the discussion, you may raise your hand and the microphone of your computer can be activated by the moderator so that you can take part in the discussion. Beside that, you are always able to write your questions in the chat, which will than  be read out to the speaker by the moderators.